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Put us to the test...

There is so much noise out there, so many single ingredient #1 dog treats, so much information that sometimes we forget what is important. Nourishment is important, remembering our dogs health is the priority and keeping them fit and healthy in the most fun way. Canine enrichment is supposed to be part of every dog’s everyday. We love drying meat as much as you love your dog. So we want you to put us to the test, we think we’re up to the challenge.

What you will need:

  • You and your dog
  • A few different options of treats
  • If you have a snappy hound, maybe use small paper cups instead of your hands

Types of proteins – go for a range of any and all, meat treats are ‘high value’ treats for full attention to non-meat-based low value treats and don’t forget the peanut butter

Texture – Dry, chewy, jerky, stick, wet (if you brave), air-dried, dehydrated, freeze-dried

Ease of delivery -no cheating, make sure the treats fit in your hands, or under the cups depending on your choice. treats should be easy to break as needed

now, it's game on...


Always putting one kind of treat in one hand (or cup) and a different kind in the other; allow your dog to sniff both hands, watching for the markers of interest. Do they sniff, lick at, or which do they paw the most?


Switch out the treats, rotating in ones you’ve already tried with different alternatives, this is your dog’s way of telling you what is a high value treat for them, a medium value (you may have my attention sometimes but not my singular focus) and what the low value treats are.

Don't forget to let us know how we did, we'd love to know #TheBarkerChallenge @begandbarker