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Should You Take Your Dog To Work?

border collie sits on a desk next to a macbook

Whether or not you got a pandemic puppy, many of our dogs have gotten used to us being home all the time. A lot of pet parents are worried about separation anxiety with us humans going back to the office. Plus the last Friday in June is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

So what about the option of bringing your dog with you to work? If your office allows it, there are some things to consider before making your pup the company mascot. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself, plus some tips & tricks that we’ve picked up from our pet-friendly office.

How Is my dog around new people/dogs?

You know your dog best. Is your dog comfortable in strange environments, with new people and dogs to interact with? Or do they act out? If you think your dog might react poorly, don’t bring them into the office. 

Is there space for them to relax?

Do you have room in your office to create a small safe spot for your dog to settle in and relax? Puppy-proof your workspace by removing any poisonous plants, hiding electrical wires, and keeping office items out of reach. Bring things that will make them comfy, like their bed, blankets, or a portable kennel. 

Does you have a flexible schedule that allows for breaks when needed?

Plan your dog’s feeding times to match your schedule so they’re not whining for a potty break when you’ve got an important meeting! 

Do you have someone in the office who can help you out?

If you’re running out for lunch, make sure you find a point person to keep an eye on your dog. Not everyone loves dogs, so make sure you’re not asking someone to do something they’re not happy to do. 

Did you answer yes to all of those questions?

Congratulations! You’re ready to bring your best friend to work. Don’t forget to pack some food, treats, (non-squeaky) toys, a leash, and accident clean-up supplies! 

Don't Forget to Pack Snacks!