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Pork Loin Strips

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A Dog’s Delight!

At Beg & Barker, we want the best reward for your dog for more happiness to come. That’s why we make our treats in small batches in our own manufacturing facility in North Carolina, using human grade pork loin that has been raised in the USA.

We prepare the pork loin using the time honored tradition of air-drying, which locks in all of the nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids and keeps your best friend’s snack free of preservatives and fillers.

Your dog will beg and bark for these high-protein high-energy pork strips made from 100% Pork Loin.

The resealable pouch keeps behavior rewards handy to use anytime, anywhere. Get your dog’s attention quick with our nutrient-dense, guilt-free training treats for dogs, or puppy treats for training on the go. No dog can resist the rich, flavorful taste of our all natural, premium dog jerky.


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber




Calorie content: 4767 kcal/kg, 48 kcal/treat
Ingredients: Pork Loin

Feeding Instructions

Dog Weight




Over 50

Recommended Daily Max





Intended as a treat, not food. Always provide fresh drinking water for your pet.

Treat your dog to their best life!

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11 reviews for Pork Loin Strips

  1. Jenny

    My dog LOVES these treats. She has never been a very food motivated dog, but when she hears us crinkle the treat bag, she runs towards us with an extra bounce in her step and it’s the cutest thing ever! She also is willing to give up Ellie, her beloved elephant toy in exchange for this treat, which is unheard of!

  2. Tiffany Khoshaba

    Dog loved it! My pit went through the garbage (which she’s never done) after it was finished and chewed in the bag. Smells good!

  3. Jean Saja

    5 Stars! Finicky little girl loves all Beg & Barker and I love the ingredients.

  4. Debbie

    My dog loved the flavor and I love that there are no added ingredients!

  5. Kendra

    I ordered the sample pack during an online special. It came with Pork, Chicken, and Turkey. My little girl (90-pound Rottweiler) absolutely LOVED EVERY FLAVOR. It took her a second to figure out that she couldn’t just swallow these, but had to chew them. These will be a great addition to her treat rotation, and that *uber*special treat after training sessions. (Just had a thought…I could cut them into tiny pieces and use them DURING training!!!) Thank you!!!

  6. Dina Damico (verified owner)

    Both of my dogs love the pork lions!

  7. Molly

    Oh my god, my dogs LOVE these!!!!

  8. Elizabeth Monticue (verified owner)

    Nice quality, but too much fat for my 13 pound Maltipoo. She is only allowed small pieces of the pork snack, and I remove any large pieces of fat. That said, as a picky dog, she does like them.

  9. Susan Priest

    My dog has diabetes and can only eat lean treats. He LOVES these! Will order from now on! High five to you guys!

  10. Carol (verified owner)

    My dog is limited to eating pork right now so these treats are perfect since they are only one ingredient. Thank you so much for having these for him he really likes them

  11. Sofia Martianou (verified owner)

    My Norris goes absolutely BONKERS for these! I break them up into smaller pieces to use during our training sessions and walks. Of all of the Beg & Barker products (which he loves), these are his favorite! I love that these remain in their natural state, so there’s a nice balance between lean protein and fat (the fat can feel a bit greasy on your fingers, but I don’t mind because it just proves that there’s little to no processing). I love that these are single-ingredient, natural goodness that my pup thinks are special treats, because they’re so tasty.

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