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Boost Naturally Occuring Protein in Food

The development concept was to take a ‘paleo’ approach to mimic what would occur whilst pack hunting and pack hunters would always up the value of their diet by eating the stomach contents of the prey.   This is how carnivores get their veggies and fiber really.

Make Any Bowl a Sensory Experience

Our Beef Meal Topper is made of selected natural aromatics and naturally occurring sources of fiber (like the coriander seed husk) to assist in the sensory enhancement of generic wet dog foods and kibble.

Simulate More Familiar Digestible Elements to Increase Bioavailability

Black pepper contains piperine, which is a great activator of bioavailability during digestion.  So, the rationale is really to up what our picky eaters can get out of their food underneath the topper as, sadly, many brands of dog foods are cheating the nutrition.  So you are looking at meat flakes and powder (about 77% of USDA bottom rounds, with less than 2% pepper and up to 8% fiber derived from 23% of the coarse ground aromatic herbs).


Choose from 2 different bag sizes | Available in single or three packs