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All our products are air-dried to harvest the best of nature’s proteins, fatty acids and minerals that your fur-baby requires as a carnivore. Although descended from wolves and wild dogs thousands of years ago and domesticated, dogs’ digestion does not thrive with cooked or modified foods. Cooking destroys protein chains and reduces the bioavailability of nutrients for your dog. Many hunting breeds still show a natural preference for chicken or turkey because these flightless birds would appeal to a hunter looking for high reward/low energy to catch.  Also depending on the activity-level of the breed, high energy dogs need higher levels of fat and will have a preference for pork.   Dog’s who are not getting enough amino acids will automatically want liver to make up the shortfall.

Turkey for Lazy Days – Pork for Busy Days – BEEF FOR SUPER DAYS – Chicken for EverydaY!

All of our human grade meats are USA-sourced and USDA-inspected. We use the time honored method of air-drying to preserve our meats in order to retain the nutrients and flavor with no need for fillers. No artificial preservatives are used. Our treats are made in small batches to ensure a fresh and high quality product.