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Keep Your Dog Safe from Choking Hazards

Choking hazards are always at the top of every dog mom (and dad’s!) mind. Death due to choking is classified as suffocation and can occur within 4-6 minutes of a blockage. Some studies estimate as many as 2-3 deaths per week in the US are due to non-drowning asphyxia with 75% of those caused by pup’s heads getting stuck in bags (Journal of Veterinary Pathology). But without animal autopsies, we will never really know the facts besides what is being produced by the vet communities. Think about how quickly tragedy can strike and that feeling of helplessness. No responsible dog owner wants to be in the position to replay any such scenario; yet the shadow of the choking threat hangs on every shelf and around every corner and the literature is harrowing. The most powerful tool to combat and prevent unfortunate accidents is information and we want to help make sure that there are informed decisions happening.

Most Common choking hazards for dogs (indigestible plastics, hides or compounds):

  1. Balls
  2. Rawhide “Bones”
  3. Fragments/pieces of cooked bones
  4. Raw Bones
  5. Bully Sticks
  6. Tree Sticks
  7. Stones
  8. Plastic or plastic stretch wrap
  9. Kids Toys
  10. Gristle (the tough bit in meat – actually a tendon – that you cannot chew or breakdown)

Choking is defined as anything that breaks off large enough pieces that can cause an airway, esophageal or intestinal obstruction or blockage. As guardians, you can now evaluate all choking hazards by a simple: will this break up or break apart? Will the pieces create a blockage or not? 

This is why we’re so passionate about protein! Human grade, whole cuts of breasts, loins, bellies and rounds have no, NONE, ZERO connective tissue and are gristle-free. There is nothing there to choke on! 100% whole meat tissue proteins means that even if an overzealous dog swallows it whole, the digestive system of every dog (somewhere between their mouth and the end of the intestine) will digest 100% of the treat.

But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Put us to the test! Break off a piece of any Beg & Barker treat and put it in your mouth and keep it there. Remember – it’s literally JUST meat! In less than 4 minutes, your saliva softens the strip and it becomes slippery. This then will pass through your digestive system just like your breakfast, lunch or dinner. No blockage. No chokes.

Real Meat Treats