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Humans have lots of questions! We’ll answer some of the most common ones we get, and always feel free to contact us if you have more we didn’t get to. 

Our Products

Our treats and toppers are sourced from human grade meat raised in the USA and processed at our USDA certified facility in Goldsboro, NC. 

Our treats are unique from our competitors in many ways! Ours are air-dried, have only one ingredient, are human-grade, and are sourced and made in the USA. They’re so lightly processed that they always look, taste, and smell like delicious meat. 

Air drying is the process where we cut and hang our human grade meat in a low temperature and low humidity controlled room to remove most of the moisture and preserve it. It’s the closest to raw you can get, keeping in all the important nutritional benefits of human grade protein. Read more on our blog

Many treat companies use what’s called “feed grade” meat, meaning it’s unfit for human consumption. We never liked not knowing what we were giving our dogs. Our treats are made with human grade meats in our USDA certified facility so you know exactly what’s going into them. 


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