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7 Reasons Why We LOVE OUR Dogs

It’s the time of year where everyone reflects on their personal relationships, what they are thankful for and what makes them cheerful. Here at Beg & Barker, we’re grateful for our dogs year round! There’s always the obvious reasons why we love our dogs – dogs are loyal, dogs provide unconditional love – but let’s get real about why we sincerely couldn’t live without them. 

Dogs forgive.

 Overslept and didn’t have time for the normal routine? Run out of their favorite treats? Don’t worry, your best friend won’t hold a grudge. A dog’s short-term memory is anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds so even if they seem a little peeved, just give it a minute. LITERALLY.  

They keep us active.

What better way to get in your daily cardio than to run around the yard with Fido? Work those arm muscles by throwing a ball for an hour straight or simply take a walk around the block. Dogs are always up for a calorie-burning session making them the perfect workout partner. 

Dogs don’t judge you.

Dogs don’t care if you’ve been wearing the same pajamas for 3 days and haven’t washed your hair. They don’t care if you sing off key or eat a whole package of Oreos in one sitting. They love you for the amazing and wonderful person that you truly are… and so do we!

They just “get” us.

Erasing a rough week from your memory or just providing a little pick me up, dogs understand the assignment. You have loved your fur baby so hard that they know how to return the favor and their natural instincts drive them to do it when you need it most.

Dogs are funny.

We’re pretty sure dogs are descendants of comedians. With personality to spare, dogs are a constant source of entertainment for their owners. Dancing around before they go outside, singing for their supper, or constantly begging for attention, our furballs have figured out that life is better when you’re laughing.

They are conversation starters.

“Oh, who’s this good boy?” or “What a beautiful pup!” makes it easy to approach another human being. Forget about the weather and politics (no one wants to go there!) – we can talk dog all day long. Humans can be intimidating, but put them on a leash walked by a dog and suddenly they don’t seem so bad.

Dogs give us purpose.

Yes, so does your work… but does it also bring you constant joy? Because dogs do. There is a lot of responsibility that goes into being a pet parent, but you are repaid in spades by the love and thankfulness your dog gives you when you walk in the room.

What’s the number one reason you’re thankful for your fur baby? Send in your story and we’ll feature it on our social media channels!