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Feel good about what you’re giving your dog with Beg & Barker’s single ingredient, high protein meat strips! All treats are USA sourced & made.

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real ingredients.

no fillers.

All we put in our healthy dog treats is 100% USA-grown meat. Our slow air-dried whole strips lock in vital nutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, it holds the protein chains together as they occur in nature, and we do not mess with the texture, flavor, or color. No sugar, no corn, no grains or fillers so you can give your dog a special reward that is good for them too.

Single Ingredient

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High Protein

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USA Sourced and Made

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Chicken Breast Strips

Pork Loin Strips


Beef Liver Strips

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real ingredients,

No Fillers.

Only 100% human grade meat, sourced and made in the USA

Chicken Breast

Pork Tenderloin

Turkey Breast

Beef Liver

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Perfect For Your Picky Eater

My picky dog loves beef liver treats! He can’t have poultry, so I generally only buy him beef, salmon, and lamb. He’s very picky in general, plus I don’t like feeding him anything with multiple ingredients or preservatives due to his allergies, so this is perfect! -
Katrina Z.
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Awesome Training Treats

Our dog loves the Turkey Breast Strips treats– when we use them for training, he is at his absolute best focus and performance when he knows these are the treats he’s getting.
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Kind To Sensitive Bellies

I purchased these for my mother’s dog (Bella) for Christmas. Bella has a temperamental digestive system. They paid off big time. Bella loved them and they were kind to her belly. My mother was so pleased that she ended up buying more of them herself.
Kelsey K.
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Good Source of Protein

I have an Olde English Bulldogge who is 8 months old and was looking for a good source of protein to add to his diet to help to bulk him up before his growing period slows down!! This is a great option PLUS jazzes up his food with a little more flavor. Thank you Beg and Barker!
Rose L.
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All Natural, Healthy Dog Treats

The treats did not have a lot if additives and they are sourced in the U.S. My dog was just diagnosed as diabetic and on insulin. He just went back for a glucose check, it was normal! These chicken treats replaced his former treat and did not raise his glucose level. Mind you they are small enough for a Yorkie to enjoy and big enough bites for a Havanese.

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